NameID: Your Crypto-OpenID

Namecoin + OpenID = NameID!

NameID is still mostly an experiment, so use at your own risk! The FAQs have some more information. If you want to help out, please contact me!

is an amazing technology that allows anyone to register arbitraryhuman-readable names in a completely decentralisedbut nevertheless secure fashion. (Ever heard of ? It can be argued that Namecoin is a prime counter-example to it.) These names can be used to create .With NameID, you can instantly turn your Namecoin identity into an , and use it to readily sign into millions of OpenID-enabled websites!Check out the FAQs to learn more.

Already have a Namecoin identity? Thenlog in! Alternatively if you want to check out some other Namecoin identities, take a look at mine or query for an arbitrary name:


Copyright © 2013–2016 by .NameID is free software under the terms of the , check out the !

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